About Us

The Lander Children’s Museum (LCM) was created in 2000, to foster curiosity and creativity through a variety of

hands on learning experiences and interactive exhibits. This passion grew as an extension of wanting more

developmentally appropriate opportunities for children in this small, but progressive community. With the help

of Susan Brame, to acquire 501C3 status, RaJean Strube-Fossen for her skills of “getting things done”, and

enthusiastic board members, we created LCM. Anne Austin created the creative and playful logo that

encompassed our vision. We opened the doors across the parking lot from the current location with hand-built

exhibits and limited materials and supplies. Through the years, we have grown and expanded our exhibits and

moved to our current location in 2008.

To fill an early childhood educational need, the Little Curious Minds Preschool was added in 2009.

Working with the local school districts, the exhibits have been coordinated to support the curriculum needs of

the educators through check-out science trunks as well as classroom visits. Children as far away as Farson have

visited LCM on school field trips, not to mention the local Head Start, Daycares, Home school communities and

programs from the Wind River Reservation. We have been active in local Community events such as Winter Fair,

Garden Expo, Lander Live and C4C . Our annual events include: Waterworks, Fall Fest, Santa’s Workshop and a

wide variety of child-centered Summer Series programs.

It is now time to grow and expand our vision for the Lander Children’s Museum to include older children. It is

time to elevate the scope and knowledge-base to include STEAM activities and exhibits. Children are seeking

exploration in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in a fun, and engaging environment.

We plan to offer these opportunities in a new larger facility. We believe in offering opportunities to experience

the natural world by including an outdoor exploration space. You can make a significant contribution by joining

our efforts to move LCM into the next 20 years of meeting the needs of our inquisitive youth.

Martha Howard-Sempert, Founder

Written in 2019