Lander Children’s Museum is possible because of the many individuals who have given their skills through volunteering in the past 20 years! 

Volunteers can help the Lander Children’s Museum in any of the following ways:

  1. Become a Board Member
  2. Events & Planning Committee (help plan the details of our events and fundraisers!)
  3. Annual Campaign Committee (help plan the details for our annual campaign!)
  4. Exhibit Volunteer (help execute exhibit plans with the Executive Director)
  5. Financial Committee (help our treasurer and administrative staff keep our finances organized)
  6. Administrative Volunteer (help file, input data, or organize the office)
  7. Grant Writing (help find and write grants, or help us follow up on grants)
  8. Sponsorships (help develop sponsorship ideas or find sponsorships)
  9. Summer Classes (help design our Summer Series Classes, instructors, materials, and advertising)
  10. Legal Advisor (help provide legal advice to the board)
  11. Cleaning & Organizing Committee (We always need cleaning and organizing!)
  12. Preschool Classroom Substitute or Aide
  13. Substitute Floor Staff for Lander Children’s Museum (for our staff’s sick days or vacations)
  14. Advertising & Marketing Committee

Volunteers do not have to commit to board meetings. If you have skills to apply to Lander Children’s Museum, we invite you to help within your ability!

If you have interest in helping the museum in any of the above ways or other ideas please reach out to us at landerchildrensmuseum@gmail.com or 307-332-1341 to be added to our Volunteer list!