Grocery Card Program


Through our local Safeway and Mr. D’s grocery stores, the Lander Children’s Museum participates in a monthly Grocery Card program which assists the museum at ZERO COST to our customers.  For all Grocery Card purchases, the Lander Children’s Museum will receive a 5% Donation from these local grocery providers.

Grocery Cards can be purchased for amounts no greater than $500.00 per card and are available in $50 increments.  There is no limit to how many cards you can purchase per month.Grocery Cards are a wonderful way to budget for the monthly groceries for your family or as a gift to friends during the holidays.

Grocery Cards are pre-ordered through the Lander Children’s Museum and will be available for pick-up at 465 Lincoln St. on or around the first day of the following month.  Payment is due upon time of delivery or customers can choose to have funds automatically withdrawn through our banking partner, First Interstate Bank of Wyoming.

Customer Testimonials:

“When my kids were in college, I would buy them monthly cards so I knew that my money was going directly towards feeding them while they were away.”

“Buying groceries can get out of hand with my wild family but with my grocery cards I am sure that we don’t go over our budget for the month.”